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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Oral session #5: Structural & functional characterization (Chair:  Nico Sommerdijk, Eindhoven)

timetalkAbstract titleSpeakerAffiliation
09:00-09:25 5.1 INTRO + Revisiting the collagen/mineral assembly pattern in bone: the possible role of cross-fibrillar mineralization Roland Kröger University of York, UK
5 minutes discussion time
09:30-09:45 5.2 Transmission electron microscopic study of mineralization of collagen in newborn mice Henry P Schwarcz McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
5 minutes discussion time
09:50-10:05 5.3 Characterization of Compositional Gradients in the Meniscal Entheses by Raman Spectromicroscopy  Alexander Boys
Cornell University, Ithaka, USA
5 minutes discussion time
10:10-10:25 5.4 Unraveling the process of collagen mineralization Anat Akiva Eindhoven University of Technology, NL
5 minutes discussion time
10:30-10:45 5.5 Repair and regeneration of sea urchin spines Marie Alberic Max Planck Institute, Potsdam, Germany
5 minutes discussion time
10:50-11:05 5.6 In-situ SAXS study of de-hydration and re-hydration of human dentine Lukas Ludescher University Leoben, Austria
5 minutes discussion time
11:30-11:45 5.7 Curvature control of bone tissue growth in-vitro Sebastian Ehrig Max Planck Institute, Potsdam, Germany
5 minutes discussion time
11:50-12:05 5.8 Bone mineral density distribution as a footprint of bone physiology in growth, health, and disease Pascal R. Buenzli Monash University, Australia
5 minutes discussion time
12:10-12:25 5.9 Structural properties of hypermineralized tissue in aged human proximal femur Tengteng Tang University of British Columbia, Canada
5 minutes discussion time
12:30-12:45 5.10 Bone Structure in Three Dimensions: Lamellae and Trabeculae Steve Weiner Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel
5 minutes discussion time

Oral session #6: Metabolic and hereditary diseases (Chair: Mary MacDougall, Birmingham, AL)

TimeTalkAbstract titleSpeakerAffiliation
15:30-15:55 6.1 INTRO + Osteopontin Accumulation in the Osteocyte Lacuno-canalicular Network Contributes to the Defective Bone Mineralization of X-linked Hypophosphatemia Marc McKee McGill University, Montreal, Canada
5 minutes discussion time
16:00-16:15 6.2 Crosstalk between sensory neuropeptides regulating heterotopic ossification in tendon Ceren Tuzmen Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA
5 minutes discussion time
16:20-16:35 6.3 Bone with Uncleavable Type I Collagen C-propeptide has Abnormal Development of Multiple Bone Cell Populations and Increased Bone Matrix Mineralization Joan C. Marini NICHD/NIH Bethesda, USA
5 minutes discussion time
16:40-16:55 6.4 Effects of Long-Term Alendronate Treatment on Mineral Properties in Ovariectomized Mice Adele L Boskey Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, USA
5 minutes discussion time

17:40-17:55 6.5 IFITM5 mutation in atypical OI Type VI is associated with lack of PEDF within the bone matrix, osteoidosis, hypermineralization and impaired endochondral ossification Nadja Fratzl-Zelman Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Osteology, Vienna, Austria
5 minutes discussion time
18:00-18:15 6.6 Structural Effects of Amelogenin on Hydroxyapatite due to Naturally Occuring Mutations Wendy J. Shaw Pacific Nothwest National Lab, Richland, USA
5 minutes discussion time
18:20-18:35 6.7 Alveolar bone versus cementum: tissue specific response to X-linked hypophosphatemic rickets Claire Bardet Université Paris Descartes, France
5 minutes discussion time

Poster flash presentations,               Chair:

Jeffrey Gorski, Kansas City, MO


Poster session




  • Anne George
    (University of Illinois)
    Chicago, USA
  • Ariane Berdal
    (Université Diderot)
    Paris, France
  • Peter Fratzl
    (Max Planck Institute)
    Potsdam, Germany

ICCBMT Board of Directors

  • Mary MacDougall, President
    (U Alabama Birmingham)
    Birmingham, Alabama, USA
  • Adele L. Boskey, Past President
    (Hospital for Special Surgery)
    New York, USA
  • Janet Moradian-Oldak, Vice-President
    (U Southern California)

    Los Angeles, USA
  • Jeffrey Gorski, Treasurer
    (U Missouri-Kansas City)
    Kansas City, USA
  • Harvey Goldberg, Secretary
    (U Western Ontario)
    London, Canada
  • Barbara D. Boyan, Past Treasurer/Secretary
    (Georgia Institute of Technology)
    Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Lynda Bonewald
    (Indiana University School of Medicine)
    Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
  • Michel Goldberg
    (Université Descartes)
    Paris, France
  • William J. Landis
    (University of Akron)
    Akron, Ohio, USA
  • Jane B. Lian
    (University of Vermont, College of Medicine)
    Burlington, Vermont, USA
  • Paul Krebsbach
    Los Angeles, California, USA

Twelfth International Conference on the Chemistry and Biology of Mineralized Tissues