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  • Anne George
    (University of Illinois)
    Chicago, USA
  • Ariane Berdal
    (Université Diderot)
    Paris, France
  • Peter Fratzl
    (Max Planck Institute)
    Potsdam, Germany

ICCBMT Board of Directors

  • Mary MacDougall, President
    (U Alabama Birmingham)
    Birmingham, Alabama, USA
  • Adele L. Boskey, Past President
    (Hospital for Special Surgery)
    New York, USA
  • Janet Moradian-Oldak, Vice-President
    (U Southern California)

    Los Angeles, USA
  • Jeffrey Gorski, Treasurer
    (U Missouri-Kansas City)
    Kansas City, USA
  • Harvey Goldberg, Secretary
    (U Western Ontario)
    London, Canada
  • Barbara D. Boyan, Past Treasurer/Secretary
    (Georgia Institute of Technology)
    Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Lynda Bonewald
    (Indiana University School of Medicine)
    Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
  • Michel Goldberg
    (Université Descartes)
    Paris, France
  • William J. Landis
    (University of Akron)
    Akron, Ohio, USA
  • Jane B. Lian
    (University of Vermont, College of Medicine)
    Burlington, Vermont, USA
  • Paul Krebsbach
    Los Angeles, California, USA

Twelfth International Conference on the Chemistry and Biology of Mineralized Tissues